Alcohol Addiction-Common Myths Debunked By The Leading Rehab Clinic In UK

Myths related to alcoholism can make it even harder for alcoholics to quit drinking; that’s why it is important to separate the myths from the facts and get help on right time. An experienced alcohol rehab centre, like Serenity Health, which is one of the best alcohol rehabilitation centers in UK, can help you understand the subject of alcohol addiction better and clear the darkness of misinformation. Here are some top myths surrounding alcoholism.

#1 Myth: Alcohol is not physically addictive

Fact: Alcohol not just causes physical addiction, but psychological addiction too. When used with other drugs, alcohol can lead to overdose and severe physical issues. Prolonged alcohol usage can cause a number of withdrawal symptoms that are not just painful, but also difficult to deal with, say the experts at Serenity Health-one of the leading alcohol rehabs in UK.

#2 Myth: Food absorbs alcohol and affects the duration an individual is intoxicated.

Fact: Food does not absorb the alcohol and it does not affect the duration for which an individual remains intoxicated once they drink alcohol. Alcohol takes approximately one hour to metabolize through our body per ounce; this means for each glass of alcohol that is consumed, a person remains intoxicated for an hour, before the effects of the alcohol wears off.

#3 Myth: Only those who lack will power suffer from alcohol addiction

Fact: Alcohol is a highly addictive substance that can make even the people with strong will power addicted. After a person becomes addicted, he experiences withdrawal symptoms if he decides to stop consuming alcohol suddenly.

#4 Myth: It is impossible to get rid of alcohol addiction totally

Fact: While there is no specific cure to get rid of this life damaging habit, it can certainly be arrested with proper guidance and treatment. There are many reputed alcohol rehab clinics, like Serenity Health that can help you get rid of alcohol addiction with their expert guidance and customized treatment plans. If you have the will to quit; there is certainly a way.

Remember, quitting alcohol is not impossible, if you really want to. Talk to the experts at Serenity Health-the best drug and alcohol rehab center in UK today to get rid of alcohol addiction and live a life full of happiness.



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