What You Should Know About Addiction Relapse ?

Relapsing after a period of sobriety can be very disappointing, both for the patients and their loved ones. Once relapse after a period of sobriety occurs, it feels even worse than it did before. The best way to ensure, relapse doesn’t occur after treatment is to find a good drug rehabilitation centre, like Serenity Health. So, why does relapse occur? What to do if relapse occurs? Let’s find out through this post.

What is relapse?

Relapse literally means, ‘slide back to a former state.’ If a person has managed to escape alcohol or drug abuse, but returns to this behaviour after a period of time, it is known as relapse.

Causes of relapse after addiction treatment


Drugs generate a release of a chemical called dopamine in excess quantity into the brain that creates a sense of pleasure. As the drugs are used more and more, the brain gets used to this effect, causing strong cravings to get that sense of pleasure again.


If a person prefers to be isolated after the treatment, unwilling to express his/her feelings and connect with other people on a personal level, chances of relapse are quite high. In such cases, it is advisable to have a regularly-scheduled appointment with a good drug rehab centre. Having a therapist by your side, enables you to speak without restraint or fear of retribution, which helps you overcome the monster of addiction better.

Inability to handle stress

If the recovering addict has not learned the ways of handling stress during his treatment for drug addiction, he/she may turn to drug of choice to overcome stress.

Aftercare treatment is just as important as the initial treatment for addiction, if your addiction treatment program does not include it, then it is better to contact a reputed addiction treatment centre like Serenity Health that not just offers the best treatment programs for addiction, but also focuses on aftercare treatment that reduces the chances of relapse after the treatment is over. Their comprehensive treatment program is scientifically designed to help alcohol and drug addicts lead a life of happiness.

Schedule an appointment today, visit-http://www.rehabclinic.org.uk/Copy (2) of fleming_house_001


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